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Indoor living outdoor space

Experience the outdoors like never before with our bifold doors

Bifold doors are the ideal way to provide extra space and connect inside living to the outside world. They can create a whole new feel to your home, linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space.

All of our Bifold Doors are remarkably easy to operate, with a simple tracking system running along the panels. In present times it is vital that the doors are able to endure harsh weather conditions and there are British Regulations (e.g. weather rating, insulation, safety and security) that are in place to ensure that all of our Bifold Doors comply with these requirements.

Panels are usually connected together in a train and can be joined together in a number of configurations. Bifold Doors are designed to come in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors that split in the centre and have two doors folding back to each side, and so on. However the term Bifold is used loosely and our doors can usually be manufactured to provide an even or odd number of doors, where an odd number of doors are used, a swing door is possible.

Bifold doors provide the flexibility to be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space required. They also provide natural light, and the ability to connect the inside to the outside. Bifold Doors are ideal for connecting living rooms, entertainment areas, gardens and patios and can be custom designed to meet individual tastes and specifications.

All of our Bifold Doors are available in any RAL colour or wood grained finish as well as being available in UPVC or Aluminium.


Safety & Security

Our award winning high security multi-point locking mechanism meets all of today’s requirements for PAS 24 and insurance company ratings. One less thing for your to worry about when buying new windows and doors….

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Choice Of Glazing Options

Whether you would like to have Solar control glass, tinted glass, plain glass or even Venetian blinds within the glass we offer an amazing range of options for our Bifold doors. The choice is yours so just ask to see our range….

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uPVC or Aluminium

Our stunning multi panel Bifold doors are available in both uPVC and Aluminium to allow us to suite any home. Whether you choose uPVC or Aluminium our Bifold doors are available in a vast range of colours and finishes…..

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